Between the rocks and the sky

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Returns "between the rocks and the sky", the festival of mountain living with awareness. Four days of exhibitions, films, meetings, exit the territory, meetings, workshops, concerts, shows, book signings in the charming and unspoilt environment of Vallarsa, the shade of the small Dolomites.

The festival features theme days devoted to art and life in the mountains, the native languages and history:

Day of mother tongues. Addresses the issue of women in times of armed conflict, comparing the situation faced by women of the early ' 900 during World War I, with special attention to women of traditional ethnic groups in the Alps, with the one who daily face the contemporary women in armed conflicts in today's world.

Day of art and life in the mountains. Investigates the mountain as space, and space as a context in which the lives, history, culture and society. In particular, the mountain as a symbolic place of space to the limit. Throughout history, mountainous and not only were used as perfect natural instruments to put an and to impose political and social boundaries, uniting the mountain to distant cities and dividing between their communities that, until then, share the same space. The mountain becomes, together, symbol and pretext to deal with an argument between space, power, economy, society and culture, how they ruled these "spaces to the limit", and how it could be otherwise.

Day in history. The theme of this day will be the body of the enemy. In the evening at 21.30 Simone Cristicchi will stage "There remains a name," show premiered specially designed for the occasion, which will see the noted songwriter recite and sing traditional songs while proposing the Choir Pasubio Alpine of Vallarsa. The representation will address the theme of war and its fallen in the suggestive Amphitheatre of the Bell of the fallen.

The festival is organized by the cultural association between the rocks and the sky in partnership with mountain Academy in Trentino, in collaboration with the Bell of the fallen and the communes of Rovereto and Trento for the closing event of the Festival.

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