Alta Vallagarina Wine Festival

The Beseno castle high Top meets excellent wines Vallagarina

30/06/2017-Cellar Salizzoni of Calliano coinciding with the official presentation of the seventh harvest of nectar of Beseno Castle, the farm Salizzoni of Calliano hosts the first edition of the festival with the participation of wineries of Alta Vallagarina with their creations. Each winery will offer 3 excellent wines, which will be presented along with the winery produces. We look forward to the cellar where you can taste the wines accompanied by culinary specialties of the area. The tastings will be enlivened by the music of a dj set.

The winery featured

  • Cellar Salizzoni
  • Vivallis
  • Palmer Wines
  • Cellar Grigoletti
  • Cantina Aldeno
  • Maso Ai Dossi
  • Maso Sabriko
  • CONTENT Trentodoc
  • Eugenio Rosi Viticulturalist Craftsman
  • Cantina Sociale di Trento

The food

  • handicrafts of the award-winning Antica Macelleria Cappelletti
  • represented by the consortium of Trentino Cheeses territorial cheeses
  • Trentino snails products presented in an innovative interpretation by the farm Fence

  Discover and taste the excellent wines of the territory during the Alta Vallagarina Wine Festival, organized by the upper body which involves all Beseno Castle wineries operating in the territory of Alta Vallagarina.   Source:

Divine Castles

Sundowner at Castel Corno


Knights and ladies for a night thanks to divine Castles aperitifs review edited by the Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino.

At dusk, breathe a romantic atmosphere of old times, protected by ancient walls of centuries of history. When the Sun starts to take shelter behind the mountains, gracefully saluting a carefree summer day, Castel Corno to Isera will offer a tasting of absolute excellence, designed for the most demanding and exacting. To make it even more magical and unforgettable night, moreover, the musical performance of the new Ensemble of Trento, via evocative melodies, will offer a tribute to the great artists of the past.

The tasting

During the aperitif you can taste the products of the partners of the road: the wines of Cantina d'isera and dare, grappa distillery Marzadro combined with Modern bakery sourdough bread, meats butchery Zenatti, Cheese Dairy and produce trout fishery social Sabbionara gold.

The concert

Barbara Baig of the new Ensemble of Trento will present "Bestiary for cello narrante – the beasts … are everywhere in four or two legs!" by j. Dotzauer and Boismortier. Learn More:

Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino

Via della Villa 6 Villazzano di Trento (TN) 0461 921863 in[email protected] source: T:

Sunrise in mountain huts

01/07/2017-Malga Mortigola, Monte Baldo  

Cheesemaker for a day in the mountain dairy farm Mortigola

Wake up at dawn to milk the cows and see how to make yoghurt, butter and cheese. Then all in mountain huts to make a healthy and filling breakfast!

Here is the program of the day:

  • Hours 6.00 – Let's start to your day! We are all in mountain huts: the place is easy to reach, but not without surprises. Despite being close to the road leading to San Giacomo, we are in an enchanted place, dominated by the silence and the bells of the cows, graze free in the meadows surrounding the building.
  • Hours 6.30 – with Leonardo, the dairyman owns the hut for generations his family Bongiovanni, we begin to gather cows … 1 … 2 … 3 … Here they are all lined up ready to be milked!
  • 8.00 hours – and now we go to work "hard" or clean up the stable: many will be easier and faster!
  • 8.30 hours – with Leonardo we begin the processing of cheese: we turn on the boiler to bring to the right temperature the milk.
  • Hours 9.00 – Marina, wife of Leonardo, who invites us inside the hut for a good breakfast, sweet and salty and mostly healthy: you should know that since last year the ALP is certified organic in every product and processing methodology.
  • Hours 9.30 – but the milk at what point will it be? Will be ready to be curdled? If we're lucky, in the meantime, Mr. Valerio – the father of Leonardo – could you tell us the life of malga di when he was a child. Among other things in one of the structures around the hills, has been converted into a veritable private Museum of Malga Mortigola. Think about it: there are so many original instruments from the early ' 900.
  • 10.30 a.m. – finished making the cheese we can stretch our legs a bit with Nicola, our escort of territory: it has so many things to tell us about the Park of Monte Baldo, its history and its rare flowers. And you know what path we will follow? The trail of the grazing cow!

Some insights to continue the warm and sunny day?


The castles of Vallagarina

Travel between the castles of Vallagarina is a fascinating itinerary between bastions and ramparts, a unique opportunity to learn more about the history of this Valley, old boundary line and a land passage between Italy and Central Europe. Surrounded by the vineyards and located in strategic positions on both sides of the river Adige, castles of Vallagarina offer unique views. We invite you to discover the history full of dramatic and fascinating legends of these ancient medieval fortresses contentions of Trentino. BESENO Beseno Castle is located on a Hill between Rovereto and Trento, in the municipality of Besenello. Because of its strategic location on the road which connects Italy and Central Europe crossing the Alps, was the scene of important battles. Between this, the famous battle of Calliano of 1487, fought between troops and Venetian blinds, which suffered a resounding defeat in their advance towards Trento. In 1973 the accounts Trapp, owners since 1470, donated the castle to the autonomous province of Trento, who took care of the restoration. Today the castle is open to the public.   CASTLE of ROVERETO Rovereto Castle was built in the 14th century by Castelbarco near the river Leno. The Venetians in the 15th century they took over and turned it into a military fortress with defensive function, equipped with four bastions. In 1509, after the Venetian defeat, was handed over to the Habsburgs, who ruled until the end of the great war. The Castle, also called Castel Veneto, is recognized as one of the most compelling alpine fortifications of type. Is located in the heart of the historical centre of Rovereto.       CASTEL PIETRA Castel Pietra lies on the slopes of dosso di Beseno Castle in the municipality of Calliano, North of Rovereto.Il name recalls the rocks fell from the impending Cengio red, on which Castel Pietra was built and expanded in later centuries. The Castle has its origins in the middle ages. Different styles converge in the structure, but it's obvious at first glance that the main purpose is to defend and control of territory. The historical importance of Castel Pietra comes mainly from the strategic position: its massive masonry at one time stretched as far as the river Adige and allowed it to control the Imperial road. For many years, until the defeat of Venice in the early 16th century, the castle is found on the border between Tyrol and the Republic of Venice.   CASTEL NOARNA probably born as a fortification in Roman times, Castel Noarna dominates the Vallagarina since the 11th century. At that time the fief of Castelnuovo already included the communities of Noarna, Castellano and Pomarolo. The history of the castle is fascinating: in 1486 the powerful family of the Lodron if talking over removing the Castelbarco and transformed it from a defensive fortification to be used mainly in Manor House. Under the Dominion of Nicolò Lodron, Castel Noarna took on its current appearance. It was he who commissioned the new residential areas of the Castle, the frescoes of the main staircase and winter garden.     CASTELLANO Castellano Castle CASTLE, alongside Castel Corno and Castel Noarna, was a bishopric of Trento and acted as a protection of ancient roads towards lago di Cei. In a panoramic position, is visible from across the valley floor. It can be reached within a few minutes walking from the town of Villa Lagarina.         CASTEL CORNO just minutes from Rovereto, strategically placed, Castel Horn offers a unique view, which ranges from the course of the Adige river up to small Dolomites. Founded around the year 1000, has a structure that is perfectly suited to the morphology of the territory: placed on a spur of rock, is divided into upper and lower Castle. At the heart of facts and legends, the castle was the subject of contention and conquest by various dynasties nobles and military exploits until the inevitable decline after the Napoleonic occupation. Owned by the family of Castelcorno, passed before the Castelbarco in the 13th century and later to Liechtenstein in 1500. Since 1928, the castle is owned by the municipality of Isera.   CASTELLO DI AVIO-Avio Castle is one of the best known ancient and evocative monuments, fortified. From its location, on the slopes of Mount Vignola, the Castle dominates the Valley almost to Verona. A glance on the imposing, impressive city walls and towers. Probably a military garrison already during the Longobard era, it became the property of the family Castelbarco to pass after the Venetians in 1441.         Source:

The Pasubio

18/06/2017-nearby Giazzera, Monte Pasubio now in its 39th Edition, the March on the Pasubio was several times awarded as the best gear. The appointment is at 8:30 in locality Giazzera, for all runners who choose to engage in 7-10-20-25-35 paths and 42 km. Fifth birthday for the marathon in memory of Cesare De Monte: well 42 Km climbing on Mount Spil, Horn, strings, then tap Nozzle Baptists the maximum quota on the Col Saint to 2,112 m. The trails wind through meadows, Woods and alpine pastures of Monte Pasubio, the scene of violent fighting during the years of the great war, as evidenced by the military fortifications still exist in this area. Departure and arrival from Giazzera Trambileno, where you will find a restaurant with typical kitchen and bar service.   Source:

Kinderiadi-Trophy of the regions

26/06/2017-01/07/2017 Vallagarina e Rovereto

The best of Italian Youth volleyball

It plays in Rovereto and Vallagarina the most important event of the Italian Youth volleyball with the regional representative men (under 16) and female (under 15).

The Kinderiadi, 180 races for 42 regional representative, will be played in gyms in Vallagarina, in Rovereto, Besenello and flywheel. From this event are passed all national and many other athletes who are playing in leagues Fipav. Trentino won the trophy of the regions in 2012 with male education then captained by Jayant Kumar Gandhi.  

The program of Kinderiadi

Female competition matches are held in the morning at 9.30 a.m. While the masculine ones are played in the afternoon from 15.30 onwards. The finals scheduled for Saturday, 1 November, in the morning, will be played at the PalaTrento prepared with race.

Learn more:

The Italian Volleyball Federation Committee Trentino

[email protected]t source:

The farm at the Park


Badminton Legat Park farm

A weekend of events and activities for adults and children by Association Ready attentive and fantasy. Saturday 10 June Dj Luciano: take your favorite song and entertain everyone at the Park! Sunday, 11 June at 9.00: Yoga in the Park Hours 10.00: we look forward to a happy hour Hours 11.00: thematic workshops, animal and many games

  • The discovery of wool and salt
  • Let's make bread
  • Room to grow as nature intended
  • How to make cheese
  • Become a cowboy
  • Pet therapy with dogs and cats
  • The birds singing
  • Joseph with his chickens

17.30 hours: flight demonstration of birds of prey: Eagles, falcons and OWL Hours 18.00: have fun with Wizard Meatball: Ballads with baby dance, laugh with the magic comic and follow the soap bubbles … and cotton candy at the end of the show for everyone! During the party have fun with face painting and Baby Dance of clown Peppina! And if you like flea markets, don't miss the children's market, a place where all children can arrange their own market. Enjoy the local gastronomy also directly to the Park, at the bar and kitchen. The proceeds from the Festival will fund local projects aimed at young people and children. Learn more:

Association Ready Attentive Imagination

Via Roma, Volano (TN) [email protected]m source:    

A village and its River


A long weekend in the "land of floaters" with guided tours, meetings related to the topic of environmental sustainability, even vegan dishes and exciting concerts.

From 19 years a volunteer group soul with enthusiasm the beating heart of Lot, piazza Filzi. With passion over the years, have been told the story of the ancient city: life on the river and the life of the River, looking to exploit the big and the small things of history.

The Palio delle zattere

Sunday, 11 June at 17:00

The heart of the event, the Palio delle Zattere takes place as follows: the rafts are 11, all alike, and on the afternoon of Saturday, June 10, will be assembled by the crews themselves. Each team consists of:

  • a damsel
  • a attraccatore
  • 4 floaters, one of these is the head raft

The race starts from Banerji Isera and ends at Piazza Filzi bag, with mooring at Moia. During the descent of the river each crew will face many tests of skill and dexterity. The winner of the race will be the crew who will have played the course in the shortest time and with the least penalty charge. The prize will be the Palio, which is the banner which reproduces an ancient coat of arms of Borgo Sacco. At the end of the race, the crews participating in the Palio will parade in the parade with the Floaters Borgo Sacco Historians before the awards ceremony scheduled at 19:30 in piazza Filzi.

A lot of exhibitions

From Friday to Sunday, you can play in touring a photo exhibition and a collective landscape painting and trentino, a ceramic sculpture exhibition, an exhibition on company sleeve and an art workshop.

A Village … Good

What better time to take a break sitting in one of the most beautiful and welcoming of Rovereto? A stop before resuming with a visit to the "land of Floaters". There are many possibilities to discover the village through its corners, its streets and its delicious dishes (sweet and savory). The novelty of this edition is a court dedicated to vegan desserts!

Lots Green

Over the years a village and its river is committed to eco-sensitize society through a series of good practices. At a time of great crisis, world citizens are called upon more and more to become an active part of a general change in the economy sustainable, environmentally and socially. What? Taking part in sporting events, including meetings, discussions and tastings that take place during the three days of the event.


Guided tours of the Museum of the war

07/05/2017-04//06/2017 at the Italian war history museum in the castle of Rovereto guided tour to the Museum's collections of war to see how it changed the way we fight between the 19th and the first world war and know the collections of materials relating to trench warfare with objects, photographs, documents and testimonies of the experience of combatants and civilians. The proposal is valid for up to 30 people (depending on the order of arrival). Visit duration 1 hour. Museum visitors are given a coupon that entitles you to 20% discount on all wines and sparkling wines for sale at the winery d'isera, partner of the Museum. To receive the discount simply present the coupon in the Basement along with the entrance fee. Also, showing the ticket of admission to the Museum on the same day or the next visit in restaurants 10% discount is provided on a lunch or dinner. To know the list of participating restaurants see

Italian war history museum, Rovereto Castle

Via Castelbarco 38068 Rovereto T: 0464 438100/0464 488041 did[email protected] 7, source:

Open cellars in Vallagarina

Also this year the wineries and distilleries of Vallagarina will open their doors in Cellars, the most beloved of the wine tourism movement. Since 1993, the last Sunday of may, the wineries of the Movimento Turismo del Vino open their doors to the public, giving you the opportunity to taste the wines and buy them directly from the farm, allowing access to the cellars to discover the secrets of wine making and aging.

These participating wineries for Vallagarina:

  • Farm Village of Posseri wines: on 27 and 28 April we will welcome you from 10.00 to 18.00 with a chalice and a map, so you can follow a path "multisensory" inside pavilions immersed in the vineyards.
    Cost per person €15.00. Reservation recommended: 0464 671899-[email protected]
  • Cellar Mori Hills Zugna: discovering a cellar where architecture, technology and tradition are harmoniously combined. Chance to taste wines matched to the products of the partners of the Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino.
    Saturday 27: at the end of the last evening tour will follow the pop, rock and jazz concert of students of the OperaPrima School of music, food and wine tastings to combine music and nature!
    Sunday 28: guests of the cellar will attend the exhibition play by Maurizio Zanghielli in "Vinerotìe e altre storie" followed by an aperitif in wine cellars.
    From 10.00 to 21.00. Tasting fee. Info and reservations: 0464 918154-[email protected]
  • Distillery Marzadro: opening on May 28

Learn more:

Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino

Via della Villa 6

38123 Trento

T: 0461 921863

[email protected]