Discovering the Park of Monte Baldo

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“Discovering the Local natural park of Monte Baldo”: expert guides will lead you on mountain trails to discover this protected Area of Trentino, full of rare flowers and plants proglacial.
The Park of Monte Baldo is characterized by an extraordinary biodiversity. For this is a popular destination for scholars for centuries, naturalists, Apothecaries and pharmacists. Already in 1500 was known as “Hortus Italiae” garden of Italy, private collection of medicinal species, study of their possible applications in modern Pharmacopoeia, research in Botany, geology and other natural sciences.
In short, these free guided walks are a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and botanical, wildlife and learn to become aware of some curiosity: you know that APPA (provincial agency for environmental protection) are a “concentrate” of unusual and unfamiliar pills on the territory and its traditions.

Here is the schedule of the tours:

Saturday, may 7 – meeting at 21.00 – Mori
Popular evening excursion in the above fields and Moors up to Monte Albano to listen to vocalizations of night birds of prey. Simple difficulty of a few hours duration, 250 meters in altitude, minimum age 9 years.

Sunday, may 8 – meeting at 10.00 – Church of Loppio
Historical hike/full-day wildlife at Lake Loppio and the island is St. Andrew no difference but for the midway point on challenging terrain, can also return to autonomy on the easy path. Expected return at 16.00. There are no support points, you need a packed lunch.

Friday, June 3 – meeting at 20.30 – Manzano
Excursion in the surrounding fields and Woods to the village to hear the calls of nocturnal birds. Activities for everyone, minimum age 9 years.

Sunday, June 19 – meeting at 4.00 – Church of s. Giacomo
Excursion to mount Field wildlife watching, sunrise on the Summit and Malga Campo with typical products (€ 10 extra). Recommended clothing dark and warm, front light, binoculars or telescope.

Remember that participation is free, but reservations are required by 17.00 on the day prior to the excursion!
Register by contacting the Apt Rovereto e Vallagarina – telephone # 0464 430,363, by writing to info@visitroveto.it or by going in person to Piazza Rosmini in Rovereto!

We have already the backpacker, good to go. What about you?

Source: www.visitrovereto.it

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