European day of refuge

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Shelters in solidarity in Trentino

A day to celebrate the mountain and its ramparts with an action of solidarity this year dedicated to the support of the Associazione Oskar for Langtang Federation choirs will perform 19: Trentino Choirs at 12 simultaneously near 19 shelters.

On Mount Altissimo Damiano Chiesa at the refuge in the natural park of Monte Baldo, Brentonico Soldanella Choir you can listen to the famous with a selection of the best dedicated parts of the mountain.

Ask for the gadget of the day to the highest Damiano Chiesa, Vincenzo Lancia, Alpepozza, Monte Baldo and Field to all participating shelters.
You can help the children of Nepal.

The Association of solidarity Oskar for Langtang was born in memory of Oskar square, mountain rescue worker trentino, a victim of the devastating earthquake that struck and destroyed the Langtang Valley in Nepal on April 25, 2015.

Thanks to the great generosity of many people, the Association has already begun construction of a multipurpose centre be allocated to small orphans.

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