Marriage of flavors Tan

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The artisans of taste have new 2016

In marriage of flavors, the family Grigoletti "bride" other families who, like them, from generations combine passion and tradition in producing excellent food and wine.
Here is the news that you can enjoy on Sunday in the basement and meet the producers who tell you their sincere passion of artisans of taste:

-the new vintages of Traditional wines and cellar selections Grigoletti;
-cured meats of the family of Sopramonte, including their Speck at Rome at the city of taste with the "award of excellence of the Red Lobster";
-cheese dairy of Sabbionara d'avio including their new Mixed Goat 50e50, Casat del Baldo and Drowned the Enantio;
-breads and pastries of modern bakery of Rovereto;
-the Panettone with Passito San Martim Grigoletti of Exquisita of Rovereto, high Christmas pastry specialties;
-the coffee of ancient Bontadi Roasting of Rovereto

The exciting new 2016 is the Tunnel of MeraVigne: an exciting where every visitor can admire our beautiful Vines carved in Wood, forged iron and stone created by passionate artisans.

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