Medieval concert within the walls of Beseno Castle

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Sunday 7/31/2016

Will be the sounds of yesteryear that Sunday 31 July will give life to a great show of music, theatre and video 3D in the beautiful setting of Castel Beseno. A unique evening and particularly addictive for those who love to immerse themselves in music quality and the ancient legends.

The project Medieval Gypsies was established in 2009 to idea of well known singer Trentino Jesel Balute, with the collaboration of some of the most successful musicians of our region. The Medieval Gypsies propose a Blackmore's Night tribute in the form of a real musical stage show featuring a band of Minstrels who wandered between villages, tell the peoples of adventures, truth and bizarre stories lived in their continuous journey.

On this show the Viewer is plunged into an enchanted reality thanks to the synergy of fusion music/theater/3D video, the sets, costumes and sounds.
All details, arrangements, stage sets, 3D projection, sound, acting, are treated so polished and professional.

All intersected the tracks, allows the audience to understand the contents and of feeling so fully involved in typical medieval atmosphere that is unique about the concert.


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