Urban Courtyard

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From 4/23/2016 to 6/18/2016

There's a special place in the historical centre of Rovereto, a place that belongs to everyone, a place to read, play games, make music, learn about the plants and vegetables: a place to live!

Welcome to Rovereto, Trentino! Discover the proposals of the weekend in the museums of Rovereto and downtown.

The children's Playhouse

Every Saturday 10-12 and 15-19 hours

A space to read, to draw and to paint, a dream world and inhale the scent of spring in the city.

Appointments in Urban Courtyard

-Saturday, 23 April at 15.30 – 17.00

Bach … Sai! World Book day
A treasure hunt among the storefronts of the city, starting from piazza Battisti, which will end in the courtyard with an animated reading really …!

-Monday, April 25 hours 17.00

#Primavera concert
With Minicor in Rovereto and, directly from the Zecchino d'Oro, Ocean Larcher, Emma Lagorio, Peter Landini.

Saturday 30 April at 16.00 – 17.30

Sound too
Laboratory dedicated to children from 5 to 10 years to learn musical instruments, while having fun.

-Thursday 5 may at 16.15 – 18.30

Set in the world of stories
Moments of storytelling with Paola Farinati.

–Saturday, 7 may at 16.00 – 17.30

Discovering the musical scales
Music workshop for kids of all ages. We learn by playing and discover the musical scales.

-Thursday 12 may at 16.15 – 18.30

A bit for a
Games and reading with Antonio Bolognesi of the Playbuses to Nexus.

-Saturday 14 may at 16.00 – 17.30

The music is a children's game

Lab dedicated to younger children to discover how easy and fun to make and listen to music.

-Thursday 19 may at 16.15 – 18.30

We build a #libro caress, cuddling and tenderness

Narrative improvisations and artistic laboratory with Paola Farinati and Anna Oppetelà Circus School Cavarzan.

-Saturday 21 August

Waiting for the night. Water Tour
Anaffiamo together the urban garden to start taking care of them and discover all the plants that we can grow and harvest all summer.

Waiting For Light Summer Living
Presentation of lightweight Summer Living the urban lounge of the city of Rovereto. Come and discover all the tasks that lie ahead.

-Thursday 26 may at 16.15 – 18.30

A meeting of colours and flavours
Painting workshop to discover the recipes of natural colors with Giorgia Tallo.

-Saturday May 28

The Green night of children
Workshops, meetings, enticing culinary events for children on the subject of food, sustainability and nutrition education.

-Saturday, June 4 hours 16.30 – 18.00

The big play on the Commons
Because the city belongs to everyone and together is more beautiful

-Saturday 11 June at 16.30 – 18.00

Little chef, big picnic!
The warm sun on your cheeks, crazy races outdoors, but … I'm hungry! Let in little chefs special and seasonal ingredients and mix into a snack to be enjoyed as an outdoor picnic together!

-Saturday 18 July

Hello Hello spring, welcome summer!
We greet the spring in Rovereto and celebrating the opening of lightweight Summer Living and the arrival of summer.

Appointments for children in downtown

The Red Chair – stories to play

The Red Chair reads to children. Says. Then accompanies them to tell. The Red Chair play and does play inspired by the readings made together. Readings in the city, the weekly market and the historic center libraries.

-Saturday, April 23

hours 10.00 – Piccoloblu Library

hours 15.00 – Library Rosmini

ore 16.30 – Città del Sole

-Tuesday 26 April 9.00 a.m.

weekly market, old town

-Tuesday 3 may from 9.00

Libraries and streets of the old town

Source: www.visitrovereto.it

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