ALA, Velvet City

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ALA, Velvet City

In the middle of summer the historic wing, one of the most important and well preserved villages of Trentino, is alive with atmosphere of a time noble and enchanted.
The event recalls the splendour of the eighteenth century, a period in which the wing was a center of primary importance in the production of silk velvet.

Over the weekend the palaces are open to visitors and hundreds of people in period costumes guide visitors into the secrets of this century so fascinating, streets and squares become a stage for events and shows, in the courts and in the gardens can be found the activities of the past and enjoy the delicious dishes and the delicious wine of the land.
Each year a theme is common thread of events and activities offered: the 2016 Edition is dedicated to the game. In the eighteenth century was indeed indispensable for people who frequented the courts, be familiar with playing cards, boards and dice, because they were the Matboard to fit and be noticed. The open was played at ball, marbles, fly, circle, kites, with soap bubbles, hide and seek, jump rope …

Here are the main events of Ala, Velvet Town:

Preview Saturday, July 2

Hours 17.00: presentation and inauguration of the event.
Hours 18.00: opening concert. # Mozart sonatas for violin and piano – concert on old instruments with Sigiswald Kuijken (violin) and Vesselinova Temenuschka (fortepiano).
Hours 19.00: opening for inns and guided tours to the old town.
21.30 hours: "Velvet in alcohol" – theatrical in Piazza San Giovanni with the company of the star and the cultural association Vellutai city of wing.
Hours 23.00: nocturnal Path in the cellars blends the historic centre.

From Friday 8 to Sunday 10 July
Starting from late afternoon
Opening of animated courtyards and palaces with guided tours, street performers, children's workshops, markets, theatre shows, opening for inns to sample wines and dishes from the past, with dishes for Celiacs

In the evening

Concerts, nocturnal to discover the wineries "merges", wine tasting and local products and shows
The shows of Ala, Velvet

Friday, July 8
"Concerto giocoso" – social Wing band concert with funny interludes.

Saturday, July 9
"Dream about me, find me, love me" – contemporary circus show with circus performers white. A fairy tale about the game of love, where jugglers, dancers, stilt walkers are seeking their own half, resulting in acrobatics that leave the audience in suspense. Fire Games, contemporary dance, verticality and more turns into a fairy tale with a happy ending suited for audiences of all ages.

Sunday, July 10
"Games of colours and lights in the night" – grand finale with Fireworks pyrotechnics Sant'Antonio of Padua. The variety of effects used and the beauty of artifice are the essential features to achieve this exciting and high-quality Fireworks.

During the day (Saturday and Sunday)
Walks, workshops, treasure hunts, photo cards-concert at the Antique piano Museum and guided tours to the old town and its surroundings accompanied by costumed.

Promotional orienteering competition open to all.

Wing, City of velvet is waiting for you in July to wrap in a tale of silk!

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