The wines of Trentino

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Discovering Nosiola and Holy wine, Marzermino and Teroldego rotaliano, Müller Thurgau and Trentodoc.

In different climates and terrains Trentino combine to deliver exceptional wines, valuable, inimitable. And then there are the care and expertise of Trentino, vintners to create great labels that have conquered the world and continue to reap the most important awards.

From Lake Garda to the terraces of the Valle di Cembra, vine is an essential part of the landscape. The different climates and the patient toil-growers produce unique wines. Three grape varieties: Nosiola, which yields the precious Holy wine; Marzemino of Vallagarina and quoted by Mozart in his Don Juan, with different expressions depending on you are to the right or left of the river Adige. the Piana Rotaliana Teroldego North of Trento, the Prince of wines from Trentino. Also, Müller Thurgau has found in Trentino, in particular in the Cembra Valley and hills, its ideal habitat. The Trentino with Trentodoc gave birth to classic Italian method.

Palazzo Roccabruna is the seat of the provincial Wine and the Observatory of the productions in Trentino, set up by the Trento Chamber of Commerce for the development of the local food and wine. In sixteenth-century rooms of the Palace you can discover the flavors and aromas of the wine and of the permanent collection of the classic method sparkling Trentodoc, Trentino. Assisted by expert sommeliers, deepens the knowledge of wines with a selection of the best productions of the territory. The activities of #Enoteca include food and wine weekend with restaurants, exhibitions, and some training.

Mountain: from Garda to the Dolomites trentodoc bubbles

Trentodoc-Spumante Metodo Classico
The history of Trentino bubbles began thanks to the passion and tenacity of Giulio Ferrari, the "father" of Italian sparkling wine tradition. The base wine, made primarily from Chardonnay grapes are added sugars and yeasts.

Müller Thurgau

Born from the crossing of varieties Riesling and Chasselas, obtained in 1881 by Hermann Müller Thurgau, Swiss researcher has found in Trentino and especially in Cembra Valley their place of choice.

Teroldego rotaliano D. O.

Intense ruby colour and with a characteristic fruity aroma, is considered the "Prince" of the wine since the time of the Council. Vine, autochthonous, expresses the most its qualities on the grounds of the Piana Rotaliana.


A nice bright Ruby Red, is the wine of Vallagarina and its lands of volcanic origin, which finds its noblest "expressions" in Isera and flywheel Ziresi subzones.

Trentino Grappa

The combination of the value of wine production and the wisdom and the art of master distillers made Trentino Grappa a valuable product and quality

Nosiola and Holy wine

The Holy wine has a long history, rooted in the Valle dei Laghi. Originates from delicate white Nosiola trentino, autochthonous and hint of hazelnut.


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