Cheesemaker for a day at the Farm

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Wake up at dawn to milk the goats and see how to make cottage cheese and cheeses. Then all in mountain huts to make a healthy and filling breakfast!

Here is the program of the morning:

05.30 hours.
Streva Vallarsa's appointment before the alpine dairy farm where they park their cars. From here you take the path of Grandfather Fo up to the flat and easy hike 15 minutes duration on foot.
Herd goats and accompany to the milking room where mungeremo together with Patrizia.

08.00 hours.
A large sweet and savoury breakfast products of malga lies ahead!
After breakfast we return to the dairy retracing the trail of Grandfather Fo made at dawn.

Hours 09.00.
It's time to make cheese. Patrizia we reveal every secret of her goat cheese, really unique.

10.00 hours.
Finished making the cheese we can stretch a bit your legs with a walk around the hut in the company of Michael, our guide. Are two hours with breaks for a drop of about 200 meters.

Hours 12.00.
Let us return to the dairy to control at what point is our cheese.


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