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In 2013 the Fund by Giovanni Lorenzi has been enriched by new drawings, watercolour perspectives of buildings, particularly in mountain and Lake cottages, leave on loan by the heirs. Perhaps this is the starting point of view to draw complex "(9 July – November 13, 2016), putting some projects by architects and engineers from Trentino, committed during the ' 900 to propose the best solutions to a suburban holiday, responding gradually to the needs of rest, recreation, physical wellness. The term holidays, deliberately obsolete, reminds us of the first twentieth-century experience evolve exclusive, reserved for a few, then cuts across many social classes.

Most of the documentation on display comes from the archives of architects and engineers come to Mart through the generosity of the heirs: Ettore Sottsass SR., Michelangelo Pande Gaitan, Giovanni Lorenzi, Adalberto Libera. Here are the designs of Sottsass for the Bondone and the valleys of Fiemme and Fassa; the plates of Larry to Misurina e Torbole sul Garda; the technical drawings, collages, photographs from the bottom Pande Gaitan, illustrating his accomplishments from Levico in Merano, from val di Sole to Nevegal.
But also other archives of artists and writers Tan bear witness across the history of the buildings and furnishings for vacation: so Fortunato Depero preserves written and photographs by Larry on "modern villa in the mountains", as Mactavish collects for its monographs images of works by Giovanni Giorgio Wenter Marini and oven-baked.

Conceived as a connecting point between architecture and territory, in a dialogue that leads to the contemporary reflection through some photographs by Gabriele Basilico, the exhibition presents a selection of the hundreds of projects-villas, hotels, factories–in the archives of the Museum, offering a series of documents that lie between the first world war and the second half of the twentieth century, from ski huts made in the early 1920s to the early 1970s and multiple condos from "alberghetti mountain" up to large hotels.

Set up in the Mezzanine of the Mart, the exhibition Draw complex "opens inside the loop Focus collections a number of insights on archival materials, in an alternation of themes that give space, regularly, to architecture. The exhibition and its promotion, with particular initiatives during the opening months, Jonathan Madrid cooperates, among leading connoisseurs of twentieth-century architecture.

Source: www.cultura.trentino.it

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