Bio-Grestana Walk

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Celebrate 19 years of "Biocamminagrestana", scenic walk to discover the Val di Gresta, the organic vegetable garden. The route takes you through forests, fields and meadows and admire the spectacular terraces typical of this valley between Rovereto and Lake Garda.

12 km of promenade, the degree of difficulty is easy to moderate, but not suitable for passeggini…ma kids this year there will be a whole new activity: "Cercafoglia". A real treasure hunt to play with nature of Val di Gresta: follow the path, gather up the leaves and finish the libretto. Upon arrival you will win a prize!

Children can also follow Michaela and her cute little ass, which brings back a basket of books. Malga Somator, Rocol and in the locality. Gombino are there any stops to listen to stories of flowers and leaves, air and water, and animal welfare.

This year the stages of taste are 9, all drinks and foods served are of organic origin also plates and dishes are to a great extent to respect the environment.

At the end of the path, potraete to buy the products of the Val di Gresta at the organic market, all Ronzo-Chienis Park.

The departure is between 9:00 and 11:00. Bordala high, where you park.

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