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Tuesday 24 January 2017 at the Philharmonic Hall in Rovereto

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, Berlin is considering still the scab healed, or open. In a night of thunderstorms, following a trivial incident, professor Jakob Hilder and forced to bring in their own apartment the intruder Ingrid. Their dialogue and an absolute novelty among those four walls usually starving of human relations.
Jakob loves puzzles. Ingrid comes into his life like a riddle seems easy to decipher. But in perfect linearity of their chance meeting moving shadows of a past unresolved, perhaps unsolvable. Two anonymous existences and totally "normal" find themselves slowly knotted in an inextricable tangle that – enigmatically – obliges them by comparison.
And more: in their tense dig in search of meanings is the large capital a question on the relationship that binds the individual to society, issue the more drastic in the aftermath of a regime that boasted of more perfect control of the individual (in the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler there was a Gestapo agent every 2000 citizens, Stalin's Soviet Union KGB agent every 6000 people , in Eastern Germany it reached an informant every 6 people). A play that looks at millimetre punctuality of watchmakers to investigate the meaning of one of the most dramatic pages of ' 900, relying only on the psychological mechanism of the construction of the character.

Source and more information: https://www.cultura.trentino.it/content/view/full/572857

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