Suraya Hilal and Oriental Dance

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From 1/28/2017 to 1/29/2017 at the International Dance Centre of Rovereto

On 28 and 29 January back guest del Cid Centro Internazionale Danza Suraya Hilal eclectic avant-garde artist, which has managed to blend into his own style of contemporary Western dance Oriental aesthetic founded on continuity and harmony of opposites.
With her will be thorough and experienced the aesthetic of art related Egyptian Arabic Hilal Dance and Oriental wisdom of knowledge of the body.
During the workshop we will explore the various forms of physical expression through holistic concepts of movement. With the Hilal Dance, Suraya moves from the corpus of ancient Egyptian dances, maintaining the original essence and spirit, but develops basic coreutici elements, refines the aesthetics and explore the expressive potential, giving rise to a new language and current. The Egyptian dance gets rid of "geographic boundaries" and becomes art dance: a dance of contemporary theatrical expression.

Choreographer and dancer of Egyptian descent Suraya Hilal, through its innovative creative work gave birth to the dance research and pedagogical Hilal Dance contemporary dance form ®, which is based on tradition and on the essence of Egyptian/Arabian dances. Suraya Hilal graduated in the United States in psychology, specializing in education, and in parallel he continues his career as a dancer, studying contemporary dance, Indian dance and Afro-American to Catherine Dumham School. Frequent trips to the Middle East and North Africa to lead a valuable fieldwork on traditional dances the Egyptian and the Arab world. The activity of the performer moves parallel to that teaching: teaching supports the purely creative process and artistic research.

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