Monet to Matisse: the art of painting on modern garden

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8/10/2016 21.00 hours at the Mart in Rovereto

Arrives on the big screen Blockbuster Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts: from Monet's water lilies at Murnau Garden of Kandinsky, an exploration through the gardens that have conquered the modern masters.

"If I became a painter I owe to flowers" Claude Monet

Monet to Matisse. The art of painting on modern garden relates to all intents a love story. Tells the passion that binds some of the greatest modern artists–Monet, Matisse, Bonnard, Renoir, Kandinsky, Pissarro, Sorolla, Nolde, Libermann-their beloved gardens.

The film tour, which arrives in cinemas only 24 and 25 may in the framework of the project of great art to Cinema of Nexo Digital (room list on, allows us to discover innovative and engaging exhibition: the Royal Academy of Arts in London has set up to tell about the evolution of the theme of the garden in modern art, from the beautiful and colourful Impressionist visions till the most daring experiments dreamlike and symbolic movements, avant-garde. And it's just Monet, perhaps the best known and most important painter of gardens in art history, the starting point of view: passionate and experienced horticulturist, Monet cultivated and prepared many gardens in each of his residencies, from Le Havre to Giverny, where he died 90 years ago. He woke up at dawn Monet. He painted in the hot sun and in the pouring rain to study all the endless shades of light. Around his pink house at Giverny had created a garden with a pond and a Japanese bridge, which still receives thousands of visitors with its colours and scents. From walks on the hills around the property, Monet returned with wildflower seeds for flower beds. Wild poppies, Primroses, violets, daisies, cornflowers and digital were the soul of the duo garden.

In case of rain-Auditorium f. Melotti


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