September in Fort Pozzacchio

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About Fenoglio – lesson show by Davide Longo

The private war of partisan Beppe

Saturday 3 September at 17.00

A trip in the literature, in the resistance, in amorous obsession and more.
Face to face with one of the great masterpieces of Italian literature in the late twentieth century, a private matter of Beppe Fenoglio, Davide Longo show in a lesson, writer and lecturer at the Holden school which since its inception has become a reference point for those who want to get closer to the narrative in its various forms.
Because, as Calvin, Fenoglio, secluded, provincial, to write that novel can tell the resistance "a generation" he wanted and had tried to write? The answer is one and in his lecture show Davide Longo will try to explore them all, entering in the laboratory of one of the most extraordinary and lesser-known Italian novels.

In case of rain the event will be held at the Municipal Auditorium in Moscheri (municipality of Trambileno).

Lysistrata (make love not war)

Sunday 4 September at 16.00

"Lysistrata" – Trent Shows
from Lysistrata by Aristophanes
with Maura Panduro and Stefano Detassis and starring Pras Band, choir Arnica and dramatic society The Busier

To talk of war and women, it is thought the Greek comedy by Aristophanes ' Lysistrata ', a masterpiece of classical theatre and still very current. To convince the men of Athens to lay down their arms against Sparta, Lysistrata and her companions announce their husbands a real "sex strike" until it is declared peace between Athenians and Spartans. Peace that comes with a rapidity and ease that Greek diplomacy was totally unknown. A show that, starting from the first world war centenary, lead to a broader than individual duty in stopping any possible human aggressiveness. Of yesterday and today.
In case of rain the event will be held at teatro tenda Trambileno.

Peace Divinisensi

Sunday 25 September at 18.00

Charles Casillo & Mariano De Tassis Air Mixtures production

Immersive sensory tasting in the places of the first world war.

Wine, sounds, music, light, video, headphones, taste, smell, sight, hearing, touch are the ingredients of this unique event, new, addictive. The public can experience multi-sensory tasting through a wizard-history-show at 360° in a location evocative.
The wine linked to the territory, the music and sound accompaniment amplify the senses of tasting, preparing the soul to beauty and to discover the last fortress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Light and colour provide a fascinating and ever-changing visual frame of the event, emphasizing, in theatrical and artistic key spaces that will accommodate.

Every spectator has a wireless headset that will allow a listen in high quality.

One-act play in which all sensory-emotional talks with the voice of the "master of wine" arising in sequence "technical" aspects of the 4 wines tasting, seamless object. When finished, return the headphones, participants can socialize by exposing their experiences to the rest of the Group and taste the local products.

Booking required surcharge until all available places 20 €

Duration: 50 minutes.

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