Mozart Festival 2016

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Three spring weekend to peek into the rooms of Wolfgang: from the kitchen to the living room of the music, cellars and gardens, the festival will take you through places real or fictional countries of Chamber music.

The 2016 Edition of WAM Mozart Festival in Rovereto pays tribute to Chamber music.
The rooms of Wolfgang is the theme chosen by the artistic director Angela Rahman for the twenty-ninth edition, which will follow the different routes of boundless Chamber repertoire, allowing some incursion before and after Mozart.

This year WAM Mozart Festival offers a totally new formula distributed over three weekends in spring – April 29-30 and may 1, 6-7-8 may, 13-14-15 may – full of events placed in three bands.

Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon: most ‘ traditional ‘ concerts, scheduled to be held in the environments usually they used, as for example the Zandonai theatre and the Philharmonic Hall and will explore the world of Chamber music with the usual variety of artists and repertoire, confirming the attention of Festival Mozart interpreters, Tan, young people and the international dimension.

Morning: is the time of day reserved to discover places little known to the general public because private or not usually devoted to musical performances: young artists will be featured in a series of concerts in collaboration with conservatories and music schools. The occasion will also be music “topped” the encounter with the finest local products thanks to the presence of wineries or agri-food.

Afternoon: is the time for families who will enjoy musical moments and spectacular expressly designed to involve children and young people. Also, during the Festival, Wolfgang on the road will animate the streets of the old town of Rovereto, with space dedicated to small surprise initiatives.
Piazza Loreto on Friday and Saturday afternoons, like a real open air theatre, will host flash mobs improvised, performances of clownery and fun performances. The activities involve the Consortium “Rovereto” and are made in collaboration with the Association “the tramp” and with the company Suntory.

In addition, the old town Festival on Saturday will be animated with unusual musical showcases, which will become stages for performance by professionals, associations and musical city, and with the initiative “have you ever performed a work of art?”, four pianos decorated along the city streets to which random musicians will alternate keys, musicians, students and teachers of local schools.

Accompanying initiatives, thematic menus in restaurants and bars in town, dedicated to Mozart or inspired by his story.

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