Theater seasons in Rovereto and Vallagarina

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At the teatro Zandonai di Rovereto programming is full of shows for every taste. Some examples? "The kitchen" will take the world of catering, between the classicism of British theatre and dramatic twists. Lella Costa takes the stage with "Human", a touching tale of news on the Odyssey for migrants and refugees, based on the Aeneid. Ottavia Piccolo is starring in "Enigma", the exciting story of a chance meeting between two strangers set in Berlin. For those who love music and dance, the musical "Billy Elliot" with music by Elton John. Don't miss the local tradition, with the show in dialect "Gals ' na volta".

The wing Theatre season offers great emotions. You ride with the hilarious comedy "That day afternoon … star" with Tosca d'Aquino and Corrado Tedeschi. The humor and the irony of Marina Massironi will star in the show "what kind of Otello?". Space for children, with "Careful Pierino … the Wolf comes!". Don't miss the local theater companies, who will take turns on stage with four events not to be missed.

At the teatro Monte Baldo di Brentonico will stage "Velvet in alcohol", with the company of Mori and Marco Brandi.

To the Moors, at the teatro sociale g. Modena, many performances will alternate on stage, something for everyone. Laughter with the surreal comedy of Paolo Hendel in "escape from Via Pigafetta," history and drama in "the last" European summer, shocking re-enactment of the bombing in Sarajevo which detonated the first world war, and the charm of tango and milonga in Dolores Hotel ", a story that revolves around the figure of the owner of a quaint hotel.

At Besenello, laughter guaranteed with the comedy "Professor Insalatoni: a clown among the vegetables", where bizarre vegetable expert will experience its unique theories on stage, and will prepare its famous "jazz" salad.

The new season of the teatro di Sant'Anna di Vallarsa, just 20 minutes from Torino, offers "with much love, Mario", a melancholy spectacle and charming black-and-white and silent, with emotions inspired by the great movies of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.


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