Transhumance in the Park of Monte Baldo

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San maté – Descargar la malga is a ritual that is repeated every year, a unique experience in the Park of Monte Baldo: follow the path of the herd from the Puddle until the village of S!

Respecting the environment, S can be reached with the special shuttle bus, which will run throughout the day with Brentonico (return from 9:40 at 18:00 – also stops at Prada).

Would you like to follow the complete path of the cows in descent? Get found at Malga 7:00 Planets to continue toward the top, Postenone Plums and camping Polsa, continue on the path Cestarelli to the path of peace, to the town Pool. At 15.00 will start the descent towards S.

Here are the other events of this day of celebration on the Brentonico plateau:

From 11.00 – meal of the Herdsman
-Polenta carbonera, with Garda olive oil and cheeses Tan
– Goulash
cost 10.00 €
(drinks not included)

The kitchen at the marquee of the sports ground will work even in bad weather.

From 13.00 to 15.00
A guided walk through woods and meadows to explore Local natural park of Monte Baldo.


from 10.00 to 11.00 creative workshops for children
from 11.00: child's lunch (pasta with tomato sauce, water, yogurt)
hours 13.00: departure for the great course "the dance of the fairy of the Woods". A stage play in the company of the magic of fairy and Camillo, fairy of the Woods.
Hours 15.00 "Descargar la malga" from the Puddle: downhill with cows: a charming experience amidst nature and tradition. At the end of the path, at the sports ground, surprise ending for all children.


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