Bike Festival

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Sunday 1 July 2016 is time of the adventurers at Bike Festival in Riva del Garda. Behind the new name North Lake, there is the famous Enduro Enduro format. The original path drawn inside the Bike Park Alto Garda provides 1400 meters in altitude and is a major challenge for all competitors. The five short steps start at San Giacomo di Brentonico, take the Monte Altissimo to arrive, after a dizzying descent, until the Park delle Busatte.

The runners will be accompanied by reserved from Riva del Garda until departure.

To the North Lake Enduro the Organization has established a maximum participation of 300 contestants will be categorized into the following categories:

Junior men 1998 – 1999
Men from 1987 to 1997
Master men 30 + 1977 – 1986
Masters men 40 + 1967 – 1976
Master 50 + 1966 and older men
Women 1999 – 1987
1986 master women and older

We are waiting on Monte Baldo to get your fill of adrenaline with the North Lake Enduro!

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