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Discover the Museum with the project dedicated to young people and participate in many events: 365 days of opening ceremonies and visits to exhibitions, concerts, meetings with artists, cocktails and much more … Collaborate with “Mart”, sharing your photos and your favorite music.

I like Mart. The Museum is a project sponsored by the Museum, in collaboration with the national civil service, involving two female volunteers, Maddalena Simoncelli and Elena Tosi. Is born with the aim of bringing more young people between the ages of 20 and 29 years the activities of Mart.
After an initial moment of research on the interests of the target audience, starting from January 2016 officially started operation, with the promotion of events considered suitable for young people and organising Mart new initiatives at their intended (workshops, tastings, concerts, cocktails and meetings).

I like Mart works closely with youth associations in the territory, with a view to networking and sharing of expertise. The first partnership has drawn Offset bound together which has been programmed a series of musical events in the exhibition rooms. The events calendar of the Mart is already well launched initiatives and potentially rich attractions.
For this reason we are implementing communication strategies (social media and advertising campaigns dedicated) to bring young people to know what is already in participatory planning and make them.

I like Mart also promotes and encourages the Mart Membership for students, offering exclusive benefits to those who want to experience the Museum in 360°.
Source and info: http://www.mart.tn.it

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