De Mas en Mas 2016-10 Edition

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Also this year the Pro Loco Pedersano has organized the event “De mas en mas”, which by its tenth edition offers a gastronomic panorama route of 8 km between Woods, vineyards and farms in the area of Pedersano and Cesuino.
The course will take place at times on dirt roads.

The event will be held on April 24, 2016, in case of bad weather the event will be postponed on April 25, 2016.BEGINNING SUNDAY APRIL 24 HOURS 9.00 PATH – breaking DEPARTURES at 12.00

Attention: limited number of participants, max 1200 participants 


Adults: € 22
Children up to 10 years: € 13

2 adults and 2 children family price: 60 € (every child in + € 13)

• Entries are made to the very day of the event subject to availability.

• The pre-registration will be converted at the start. Payment can be made by bank transfer to be made by April 21, 2016.

Cassa Rurale di RoveretoIBAN IT 63 S 08210 35800 001010010771


Presale Saturday 23 April from 18.00 to 20.00 at the elementary school of Villa Lagarina.


Barley coffee, juice and Donuts
Bruschetta and cheese
Pasta de luganegha, pam and sardines
The farm’s pasta dish: gnocchi with Thirty
According to the farm’s dish: Polenta, salziza, capusi and roll
Apple juice
Besides wine, water and soft drinks

A special shuttle buses will take participants from the parking area set up for the occasion at the sports ground of Villa Lagarina to the starting point, from 9.00 till 12.00, the event will be limited to a maximum of 1200 participants.Source:

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