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With a collection of over 90 robots, "I robotto – Automata" proposes a new path between history, intentions, the characters and the curiosity of Robotics from entertainment. Before becoming a working tool, the robot was created to entertain humans.

The robots on display at Palazzo Alberti Poja

Some examples of the most curious robot you will find exposed?

  • Mecha Tea Serving Robots. Emblem of the Edo period Japanese silk kimono with, is an automaton with spring mechanism designed to carry a cup of tea until chosen diner and return in the kitchen when the Cup was lifted from his tray
  • AIBO ERS 111. The first true home entertainment robot marketed between 1999 and 2000 with an extraordinary success, so much so that the first 3,000 pieces destined for the Japanese market petered out in 17 seconds
  • Robocco Pouring Beer Robot. Created by one of the largest Japanese companies producing beer and soft drinks, is the only robot can act as a refrigerator, open a can of beer and pour it slowly in a large and fresh pint to dish on request
  • Little Jammers Pro. Dedicated music lovers, it's a 6.1 channel sound reproduction system structured like an orchestra of tiny and perfect mechanical automatons, which reproduces a vast library of jazz songs stored on cartridges dedicated
  • Pino di ZMP (2001). A machine that aspires to become man inspired by Pinocchio by Collodi
  • My Keepon to BeatBoats (2011). The commercial version of funny automaton shaped yellow marble with two small eyes, designed to study social development in autistic children and became famous around the world thanks to a video You Tube
  • NAO, currently the most complex and sophisticated Android available in the market. NAO can recognize gestures and faces, is equipped with autonomous artificial intelligence that can be programmed in different languages and speech recognition software, prehensile hands, pressure sensors under the foot, 25 degrees of freedom of movement.

Exhibition, guided tours and scheduled events

The exhibition is held in the magnificent Palazzo Alberti Poja, MCR Foundation exhibition venue. The project, edited by Massimo Triulzi, is a collaboration between the journalist, tech savvy and passionate about robotics, and Franco Finotti, Director of the Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation.

The outfit is designed to drive visitors within a history of Robotics for entertainment. The trip is accompanied by multimedia and interactive media. The thematic contextualize the robot in different cultural scenarios in which she stars, from cinema to literature to music, and enhance the characteristics of each display.

A packed calendar of events will accompany the exhibition: from educational workshops for schools at Robotics demo to the public, from book launches to thematic meetings.

In addition to guided tours of the exhibition will be open every Saturday afternoon, by appointment, guided activities approach to robotics for kids, at the LEGO ® Education Innovation MCR Foundation.

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month visitors will have the opportunity to join a guided tour of the exhibition, followed by a robotics lab or from a demo that will allow you to see moving robots of the exhibition.

Details on: www.fondazionemcr.it


Source: www.visitrovereto.it

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