Saturdays of Spring

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Town of Rovereto 29/04/2017-27/05/2017

Outdoor circus and dinner in white and green

Jugglers, acrobats, clowns and acrobats will liven up the town of Rovereto, transforming squares and streets of the city in a big circus. Grand finale with dinner in white and green!

On the way of the circus

This year on Saturday in the spring the city of Rovereto will come to life with one of the oldest street arts and appreciated by young and old, contemporary circus or contemporary circus! Ironic and comical divertissement, shows unusual will capture your attention with simplicity and directness. Fun with jugglers, acrobats, clowns and acrobats!

Are you ready to become a part of the show?  A charming tangle of words, actions and music will take you on a journey involving, inviting you to a close encounter with the actors, musicians and art.

The art of the circus is one of the oldest known. We have news of shows since the times of the ancient Egyptians, and to stay in times closer to us, the ancient Romans made ludi circenses a real science. The Nouveau Cirque brings adults and children to the world of theater, combining his classical disciplines and full of magic to the most traditional of the stage, like the MIME and dance.

Dinner in white and green

  • The set up. The tables will be adorned with herbs: Basil, Sage, marjoram, thyme, Rosemary, lemon balm, tarragon, oregano, chives, lavender, mint. Each table will have placeholders, a pot of aromatic plant and glass jars with white candles.
  • What you eat. In the table you will find fresh made bread with organic flour and yeast, the main ingredients in a bread with an ancient flavour, more digestible and keeps longer. You can choose between a vegetarian and one meat dish. Both will be prepared by ten restaurants in the Vallagarina, led by the President of the local caterers, Sergio Valentini.
  • White and green. The main colors and absolute masters of the scene will be white and green. Participants are invited to dress up in these two colours. The Green appears in the form of herbs and ornaments and the white will be the color of long tablecloths, strictly in cotton.
  • Respect for the environment. Dinner in white and green aims to minimize pollution and comply with the best "five": ethics, aesthetics, education, elegance and ecology. The use of paper and plastic materials will therefore be banned, since this is a dinner as much as possible to zero impact. Will indeed be banned cans, paper napkins, plates and plastic cups. In addition, at the end of the dinner, each sparecchierà and gather in a black sack their own waste.
  • The reason for this dinner. To live together a simple evening, as was once in the neighborhoods, in the settlements, in the historic centres of towns, villages, when every motive was good to meet and spend time chatting with friends in the courts and in the streets, around a table. To fuel the feeling of belonging to a territory and give meaning to the idea of "us".
    Tradition, friendship, love of beauty, sharing and respect will be the values in the table.

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Consortium Rovereto Downtown
Corso Bettini, 64
38060 Rovereto (TN)
T: 0464 424047



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