Lago di Cei walk-Prà of Albi

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The walk between two lakes

The walk you will discover a great variety of ecosystems: the pond, the bog, the beech forest are just a few examples.
The protected area includes two large scoops. The first has two lakes, lago di Cei and one child said Lagabis. Continuing in the Glen Cei descending North to Cimone and Aldeno, meet two zones the peaty.

The second basin is smaller, and is separated from the first by a line of hills. Hosts a swamp-Lake of great natural interest, known as the ' Prà of Albi "or" Lago di San Martino ".

Over the centuries these places were the subject of a continuing human presence with very different people that have occurred over time leaving traces of their passage. A prominent witness is the Church of San Martino in Trasiel, accessible by a short detour from the ring of course.

Route description

The entrance to the trail to visit the biotope is located along the county road # 20 at the lago di Cei, at the height of the Albergo Milano. The path is a loop, which runs along the territory occupied by the biotope to lead at the end of the visit to the main entrance. The entire route can be completed in about 4 hours, with leisurely pace and considering brief stops to observe, photograph, write and rest. The track does not involve any technical difficulty. It should be noted only a short but steep trail segment, which meets after Lake St. Martin at the Pra of Albi, which climbs a short road leading to the Romanesque churches of San Martino. Along the route are designated 22 points of particular interest identified by the forests and Fauna service of the PAT.


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