Massarem Farm

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Yoga, vegetables, berries and herbs on the farm of Hope Luigina Marcella
In the beginning it was just love for the Earth, then everything has evolved almost alone, when we found the corner of paradise that we were looking for, where you can express what they felt towards the Earth, the great mother to respect and preserve it for future generations.

The farm Massarem to Vanza Trambileno is a little reality in which we have always followed the principle of producing without poison the soil. Located about 700 mt SL m, consists of terraced fields were fallow for over forty years, surrounded by woodland: 7000 metres of Earth that are now planted with vegetables, berries, fruit trees and herbs. Here are ten sheep, goats, a company many barnyard animals, three hives, some cats and three dogs.

We offer direct sales of our products and above all a warm and sincere welcome. Furthermore, in recent years, yoga seminars have arrived and the “ground school”, with weeks of yoga and circus in kind for girls and guys.

Products: tomato, vegetables, processed, compotes, syrups.

Useful info:

Massarem farm
Locality Massarem-Vanza Trambileno
T: 0464 432,826
M: 340 4,277,864

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