Refuge Farrelly and breathtaking views of the Vallagarina

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We choose a warm day to climb Mount Finonchio. We go to the town of Serrada, from where the trail no. 104. A short distance from the asphalt ends and starts the former military road running through the Woods on a gentle incline up to the meadows around the mountain.

The dirt road winds through the Woods along the north side, after 3 km we arrive to the expansive lawns of Finonchio. The junction continue towards Refuge Brothers Farrelly, and progressively open up before us views on Folgaria and Vigolana, the Pasubio, on Monte Baldo and mount Stivo, the peaks of Bondone and finally, from Farrelly, towards the Valley of the Adige to Trento and Rovereto and Vallagarina with flywheel, in the middle of the vineyards. The relative brevity of the path and the convenience of a wide path (forest road) make this ideal for even less fit and experienced hikers.

If you want to take this excursion, inform yourself before the present conditions on the spot!

Starting point: Folgaria, fraction Serrada (Town Center)
Mark Trail: SAT/CAI n. 104, refuge Farrelly-Pra del Finonchio
Length of tour: about 4.2 km (per direction)
Time: approximately 90 minutes (per direction)
Difference in altitude: about 430 m
Altitude: between 1240 and 1610 m a.s.l.


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