Italian Championship Cheese Rolling 2016

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Have you ever seen a group of fearless run behind a cheese for a lawn with a gradient from dizziness? Almost certainly the answer is NO!

On Valentine's day, you can do that too, the Brentonico June 11, 2016.

You can enjoy yourself in the audience watching the crazy race, or if you are more adventurous and fit, participate as runners!

But how does the Cheese Rolling?

There will be several rounds from 15-20 people that will select the 20 finalists who will race for the title of Cheese-Roll 2016.

At the top of the ramp, which in winter is a black ski slope, contestants sit in line and wait for the Master of Ceremonies and backers in line with their cheese from 5 kg.

What you hear is … "Ready … CAREFUL … … ROLLS … "… and cheese, prize coveted by runners, starts to roll to the slope. On "go!" the contestants begin to run. The winner is the first to arrive at the bottom.

It sounds simple to say it, but be warned that the ramp has a slope of about 30° and the bottom is very disjointed and is virtually impossible to remain standing in the descent.

Then …. you want to be you also of Cheeseroller?

For information and registration call 0464 395149.


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